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Protect the Metolius River's Native Fish


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Protect the Metolius River's Native Fish

Dear Supporters and Native Fish Lovers,

The Metolius River is the crown jewel of the upper Deschutes Basin and a place of exemplary ecological value in the state of Oregon. To safeguard the health of its native fish please join us in requesting that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife update its angling regulations for the Metolius River for 2018. Our Metolius River Steward, Adam Bronstein, has identified three specific changes that will benefit native fish: 1) single barbless hooks, 2) no additional weight, and 3) explicit mention of catch and release for all native fish species. Please take a few minutes to send a message to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife today - your voice matters and can make all the difference.

The Metolius River supports one of the most significant populations of federally endangered bull trout in the west and is one of the only rivers in the country where they can be legally targeted for catch and release by anglers. The Metolius River is also ground zero for an exhaustive wild Chinook, sockeye and steelhead recovery effort. These fish swim hundreds of miles up the Columbia and the Deschutes to reach the Metolius where plentiful spawning and rearing habitat await them. These struggling anadromous populations remind us that we are duty-bound to act on their behalf to restore viable runs.

Deadline for comments: Friday, September 1, 2017

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