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Urge Oregon lawmakers to vote No on Rogue Hatchery Bill (HB 2379)


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Urge Oregon lawmakers to vote No on Rogue Hatchery Bill (HB 2379)

The Rogue River’s iconic wild spring Chinook salmon need your support!

After years of serious decline following the construction of Lost Creek Dam/Reservoir without fish passage on the world-renowned Rogue River, wild spring Chinook salmon are on an upward trajectory.

Thanks to the dedication of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and a team of concerned advocates, including NFS Rogue River Steward Peter Tronquet, the state agency has more than a decade of Conservation Plan Actions completed that have resulted in some of the highest wild spring Chinook returns in years.

While the Rogue’s iconic wild spring Chinook have improved, the Cole Rivers Hatchery, which releases 1.7 million hatchery smolts annually as mitigation to compensate for the loss of high-value spawning and rearing habitat above the dam, has failed to meet expectations.

Unfortunately, HB 2379 currently being considered in the Oregon State Legislature threatens wild spring Chinook recovery in a backdoor attempt to force the state to increase hatchery production to compensate for underperforming hatchery returns, which will have serious consequences for the management of Rogue spring Chinook. We must not let the wild spring Chinook and their recovery be jeopardized by doubling down on hatchery releases when the program faces other challenges that cannot be solved by simply increasing releases.

We’re urging you to contact the Senate Natural Resources Committee to oppose HB 2379 and ensure the recovery of wild spring Chinook is prioritized over increased hatchery releases in the Rogue.

Photo: Upper Rogue wild spring Chinook on the spawning grounds - Shane Stiles.

Emails will be sent to members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

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